Silent Frame celebrates the art of discovery. We introduce our readers to ten artworks every week - some well-known, some less so - covering everything from painting to poetry, dance to documentaries, fashion to food design.

Our short articles act as springboards to further exploration. We include links to recommended essays, interviews, and videos, so that readers can delve deeper into any artworks that catch their attention.


Rather than including photographs of artworks on the Silent Frame site, we design our own images. This decision was made partly for copyright reasons, and partly to ensure stylistic uniformity. If you have any queries about the images or linked photographs, please contact us here.

We hope that these images will pique the interest of our readers, encouraging them to discover new artworks that they may not have sought out themselves. We do not display article titles on our homepage for the same reason, though it is possible to view all articles by title here.


While Silent Frame is not currently searching for contributors, please let us know (via the contact form here) if you are interested in writing for the site. We will then get in touch with further details if a position arises.

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