John Wadsworth

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  • 'How can we actively promote diversity in the film industry?', Little White Lies, 6 April 2017
  • 'The Witness: A game of wandering and wondering', PopMatters, 8 February 2017
  • 'Anti-Trump art needs to quit the playground taunts and get serious', Apollo Magazine, 13 November 2016
  • 'It's time to look at graffiti on its own terms', Apollo Magazine, 7 November 2016
  • 'Revenge of the Auteur: Nymphomaniac's Musical Miscellany', The Quietus, 6 May 2016
  • 'Lars von Trier - apocalyptic auteur', Little White Lies, 30 April 2016
  • 'Questioning Authorial Control in the Films of Lars von Trier', PopMatters, 13 April 2016

Elizabeth Brown

Lewis Coenen-Rowe

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  • 'How does that sound?: What composers can learn from psychology', Noise & Silence, 17 November 2015

Katherine Fieldgate

Hugh Maloney

Sophia Martin-Pavlou

Emma McKinlay

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  • 'The Long And Short Of It', Vogue, 15 August 2016
  • ''Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album' at the Royal Academy, London', Apollo Magazine, 16 September 2014