Rule of Three



directed by Andrew Stanton
Feature film

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Trembling strings, warm brass, and the smooth voice of a sixties musical star: ‘Out there, there’s a world outside of Yonkers.’ We pass galaxies before catching sight of the Earth, homing in on the familiar globe. We zoom through a belt of satellite scrap and a thick coat of smog, to hover over the planet’s surface. Skyscrapers tower, rivalled in height only by the heaped trash, discarded wind turbines, and industrial plants. A small robot navigates this apocalyptic wasteland, crushing garbage into cubes and carefully assembling them into new piles. The song continues, its optimism at odds with the backdrop, until Wall-E pauses the cassette.

Words by John Wadsworth

FOOD | sustainable | DESIGN

by Honey & Bunny
Food design, interactive art, performance art

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Under the canopy of the Milan Expo, a small group of diners took their seats at a long table, to be served a carefully curated meal. Their waiters, Honey & Bunny, encouraged them to think as they chewed, pondering their pivotal role in this culinary performance. Each bite became imbued with cultural concerns, from fracking to genetic engineering. By shining a spotlight on the act of consumption, FOOD | sustainable | DESIGN catalysed discussion about the impact of eating habits. Mindless grazing on convenience food was switched for a memorable meal, economics and the environment both plated and contemplated.

Words by Katherine Fieldgate

Redshift and Portalmetal

by Micha Cárdenas
Video game

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Earth is expiring, its temperature irreparably raised. Blunt sans-serif font provides your choices: ‘Stay and help’ or ‘Go to the ice planet’. Click to remain: it is too late to act; the molten mess behind the text persists. You have no further option but to follow the next link, which takes you to the stars, to build a home within scarlet seascapes or arctic climes. Despite the game’s rudimentary visuals, you have advanced technology to aid your journey. You can transmit texts through an intra-retinal display, but your syntax remains millennial. Your last thought before departure, ‘c u soon’, flashes from your outbox in the blink of an eye.

Words by Elizabeth Brown

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Today's connection

All three artworks include a prominent ecological message.

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Plastic Beach, an album by Gorillaz, on which ecology is a prominent theme. (→)

– John Wadsworth, Silent Frame's Editor-in-Chief (via Patreon →)

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